Editing slideshows

Edit a slideshow

You can edit the content of slides in a presentation. You can also change the font and formatting of the content on the slide.

  • To edit text, double tap a text box in a slide.
  • To change the font or formatting, tap Format.

Jump to a slide

  1. In the panel on the top frame:
    • Slide your finger to the right to go back in the presentation.
    • Slide your finger to the left to go forward in the presentation.
  2. Tap the slide that you want to jump to.

Reorder the slides

  1. Touch and hold a slide in the top frame.
  2. When the device vibrates, drag the slide to where you want to move it.
  3. Release the slide.

Hide or delete slides

Tap a slide in the top frame.
  • To hide a slide, tap The Hide icon.
  • To delete a slide, tap The Delete icon.

View a slideshow presentation

When you view a presentation on your BlackBerry device, your screen looks the same as it does when presenting a slideshow. You do not need to have an HDMI cable connected to your device to view a presentation.

  1. Tap Slideshow.
  2. To go to the next slide, swipe your finger to the left.
Tip: You can share a presentation with a friend or colleague by sharing your screen in a BBM Video chat. For more information, see the BBM Video section of the help.