Managing your printouts with Print To Go

If you have BlackBerry Balance enabled for a personal space and a work space on your BlackBerry device, items you print from a work computer are stored in your work space. All other printouts are stored in the personal space on your device.

View a printout

  1. Tap a folder.
  2. Tap a printout.

Sort your printouts

  1. In a folder, tap Sort.
  2. Tap Show All, Favorites, New, or Unread.

Mark a printout as a favorite

  1. Touch and hold a printout.
  2. Tap Favorite.
After you finish:

To remove a printout from your favorites, tap Favorite again.

Move a printout to a folder

Touch and hold a printout.
  • To move the printout to an existing folder, tap Move to Folder, and tap the folder you want to save it in.
  • To move the printout to a new folder, tap Move to New Folder.

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