View your events

You can switch between viewing your events by day, week, or month.
In the Calendar app, do one of the following:
  • To view events for a single day, tap The Calendar day view icon. To switch between agenda, schedule, and people view, tap the date at the top of the screen. Tap Agenda, Schedule, or People.
  • To view events for a week, tap The Week view icon. Try using the pinch gesture to zoom in and see a more detailed view.
  • To view events for a month, tap The Month view icon. Numbers on the calendar are sized depending on the number of events booked for the day: the bigger the number, the more you have planned for the day. Tap on a day to see your agenda in a list at the bottom of the screen.
Tip: To see a 6-month view of the calendar, in the month view, at the top of the screen, touch the month and drag your finger down.

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