Using the calculator

Switch to a scientific or standard calculator

You can switch the type of calculator that you are using by swiping left and right on your BlackBerry device.

On the calculator screen, swipe left or right on the keypad.

Convert a unit of measurement

You can use the calculator on your BlackBerry device to convert one unit of measurement to another. The calculator includes many different types and units of measurement for the different kinds of scenarios that you find yourself in, so you don't need to stop what you're doing to convert measurements.

  1. Tap Converter.
  2. Choose a measurement type, the unit to convert from, and the unit to convert to.
  3. Enter the value that you want to convert.

Calculate a tip

When you're out at a restaurant, you can use the tip calculator to figure out how much to leave for a tip. You can customize your calculations to specify the number of people included on the bill and the percentage of the bill that you want to tip. The tip calculator can also calculate how much each person owes on a bill, making it easy to divide up a bill amongst a table of people.

  1. Tap Tip.
  2. In The Bill field, enter the total amount of the bill.
  3. If necessary, change any of the additional tip options.

View your previous calculations

To view your previous calculations, slide your finger down in the answer field.
To clear all of your previous calculations, tap Image of the Delete icon..

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