Editing spreadsheets

Resize a row or column

  1. Tap a row or column header.
  2. Touch and hold the selected row or column header.
  3. When the device starts to vibrate, do one of the following:
    • To resize a row, drag your finger up or down.
    • To resize a column, drag your finger left or right.

Hide or show rows and columns

You can hide an individual row or column, or you can hide a selection of multiple rows or columns.

  1. Tap a row or column header, and continue until all the rows or columns you want to hide or unhide are selected.
  2. Tap any part of the selection.
    • To hide a row or column, tap The Hide icon.
    • To show a hidden row or column, tap The Show icon.

Enable word wrap

  1. Tap a cell, row, or column.
  2. Tap Format.
  3. Tap Font.
  4. Tap Word Wrap.

Change the font or formatting

  • To change the font or formatting of text, tap Format.
  • To change the number format in a cell, highlight the cell, and tap Cell Format.
Tip: You can edit existing formulas by making changes to them in the text bar at the top of the screen.

Cut, copy, and paste a cell, row, or column

  1. Select a cell, row, or column.
  2. Tap the selected cell, row, or column.
  3. Tap Cut, or Copy.
  4. Double tap where you want to paste the item.
  5. Tap Paste.

Clear the contents of a cell

  1. Tap a cell.
  2. Tap Clear Cell Contents.

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