Inserting the micro SIM card, battery, and media card

Remove the battery door

To help preserve the finish, take care not to forcefully bend the battery door.
To remove the battery door, pull up the bottom of the battery door.

BlackBerry device showing how to remove the battery door.

Insert or remove the micro SIM card

Your BlackBerry device is designed for use with a micro SIM card. To avoid possible damage to your device, do not insert a SIM card adapter into your device.

To insert the micro SIM card, slide it into place as shown.

To remove the micro SIM card:

  1. Push the micro SIM card partly out by placing your index finger in the opening.
  2. Slide the micro SIM card out completely using either your index finger and thumb, or by pressing on the top of the micro SIM card with your thumb.

BlackBerry device showing where to insert the micro SIM card.

Insert or remove the battery and a media card

Before you start using your BlackBerry device, it is recommended that you charge the battery. The battery in the box that your device came in isn't fully charged.

A media card is optional. If a media card is included, it might already be inserted.

Do one of the following:
  • To insert the battery, align the contacts.
  • To remove the battery, from the end opposite to the battery contacts, lift and pull the battery out.
  • To insert the media card (microSD card), with the metal contacts facing away from you, slide the card into the slot to the right of the battery.

This illustration shows where to insert or remove the battery and media card.

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