Enterprise IM

About Enterprise IM

Enterprise IM provides your BlackBerry 10 device with access to your organization’s instant messenger service, so you can chat with other users to stay informed and connected, between meetings, at lunch, and while you're on the go.

Enterprise IM is designed for use with the following clients:

  • Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2
  • Microsoft Lync 2010 or 2013
  • IBM Sametime 8.5 or 8.52

What's new in Enterprise IM

The following new features are available in Enterprise IM:

  • Mobile status: If you are using your BlackBerry device for any length of time, a mobile icon is displayed beside your availability.
  • Contact pictures: If you set a picture in your instant messaging client on your computer, it appears on your device.
  • Call a contact: You can launch the Phone app by tapping the Phone icon next to a contact's name.
  • Contacts from another organization: You can add contacts from different organizations to your contacts list depending on the organization's instant messaging service. These contacts display a unique icon in your contact list.
  • Meeting invitations: You can send meeting invitations to participants in current one-on-one chats and multiperson chats.The meeting invitation is added to your device calendar.
  • Groups: You can create and manage custom groups. You can expand and collapse groups for easier navigation in your contact list.
  • Public groups: If your organization uses IBM Sametime, you can add a public group to your contact list from your computer.

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