BBM icons

When something new happens in BBM, you see New BBM item icon or New group message icon on the home screen of your BlackBerry smartphone.

Table 1. Chats

New item icon

A new item or update.

To clear this icon, open each item that has this icon.

Unread message icon

An unread message. When you open the chat, the person sees that you have read it.

Conference icon

A multiperson chat is open.

BBM Voice icon

The contact is available for a BBM Voice chat.

Message sending icon

Your message is being sent.

Message sent icon

Your message has been sent, but the person hasn't received it yet.

Message delivered icon

Your message has been delivered, but the person hasn't read it yet.

Message read icon

Your message has been read.

Message could not be sent icon

Your message couldn't be sent.

To resend the message, in the menu, click Resend.

Table 2. Contacts

Busy status icon

The contact is busy.

Availability alert set icon

You set a notification for this contact. When the person is available, you will receive a message.

Text messaging contact or chat icon

A text messaging contact.

Pending contact icon

You invited this person to become a BBM contact. The person hasn't accepted the invitation yet.

Table 3. BBM Groups

Comment added icon

Comments have been added.

Voice note added icon

A voice note has been added.

Favorite picture icon

You marked the picture as a favorite.

Group administrator icon

An administrator for the group. The person can control membership and delete the group.

Table 4. BBM Channels

Reported post or channel icon

A reported item.

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