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Introducing BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2

The messages icon BlackBerry Hub

Priority View: You can change the view in the BlackBerry Hub to show the most important messages and notifications as specified in a set of prioritization rules (for example, messages from people who are attending an upcoming meeting with you).

Attachment View: You can filter the view in the BlackBerry Hub to show the message attachments that you receive. Attachments that are associated with a work space account are not shown when the work space is locked.

With Instant Preview notifications, you can view email, BBM messages, text messages, and more almost anywhere on your device. You can also reply to your BBM and text messages without leaving your current app.

For more information, see BlackBerry Hub and Ring tones, sounds, and alerts.

The keyboard icon BlackBerry Keyboard

Keyboard feedback enhancements: On devices with a touch screen keyboard, the tone for key presses on shift, symbol, and delete keys are different so you can distinguish the keys from regular key presses.

When you select text for editing, a menu appears on the screen to enable you to cut, copy, and paste text more quickly.

For more information, see Keyboard and typing.

The Camera icon Camera

Face detection: The camera detects faces in the viewfinder and identifies them so you can apply focus to a specific person before taking the picture.

Grid lines: The display includes gridlines in the viewfinder so you can align the objects or people in the picture before taking it.

You can peek at the last picture that you took to see if you captured what you wanted.

For more information, see Camera.

The BlackBerry Story Maker icon BlackBerry Story Maker

Saving and sharing: When you save a BlackBerry Story Maker video and close the app the video continues to save in the background. You can share a BlackBerry Story Maker video from within the app through an email, a text message, social networking accounts, and more.

For more information, see BlackBerry Story Maker.

The BlackBerry Remember icon BlackBerry Remember

Search: You can search within the BlackBerry Remember app for specific items.

Assign a time to an item: You can assign a time and date to indicate when an item is due or when you want to return to the item.

Calendar integration: Items that are assigned a date appear in the Calendar app and the BlackBerry Hub calendar notifications.

For more information, see Remember.

The Calendar icon Calendar

Respond to a calendar reminder: You can send a message from the reminder, to the meeting organizer or all attendees, that you are running late for the meeting.

Support for web calendars using ICS feeds: Use the account settings to add web calendars to the device by subscribing to ICS feeds.

Calendar composition screen enhancements: Adding an event to the calendar is easier than ever with a simplified screen for adding calendar events.

For more information, see Calendar.

The Smart Tags icon NFC and Smart Tags

New NFC tag writing templates have been added, allowing you to quickly create NFC tag data on the go.

For more information, see NFC and Smart Tags.

The Browser icon BlackBerry Browser

You can quickly see your browsing history by touching and holding the back button beside the address bar.

You can invert the colors in reader mode to display white text on a black background.

For more information, see Browser.

Introducing BlackBerry 10: new apps and features

Introducing the reinvented BlackBerry – an intelligent and intuitive experience that constantly adapts to your needs. Designed around three main views – your messages, your running apps, and all apps – BlackBerry 10 OS allows you to effortlessly flow between tasks and applications with quick and simple gestures.

The messages icon BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub gathers all of your messages and notifications into one convenient location. Receive and respond to email, text messages, social networking messages, BBM chats, and instant messages. With a single swipe from any screen, you can peek at your notifications, peek further into BlackBerry Hub to see your messages, or peek at your upcoming meetings and events. You can easily filter the types of messages that appear.

For more information, see BlackBerry Hub.

The keyboard icon BlackBerry Keyboard

Your BlackBerry device is designed to learn what you tend to say and where in a sentence you tend to say it. Your device uses this information to try to predict what word you might type next and displays suggested words on the BlackBerry Keyboard. Simply flick the word up onto the screen to type efficiently with just one hand. You can even type in two or more languages at once!

For more information, see Keyboard and typing and Language.

The BBM icon BBM Video with Screen Share

Have face-to-face video conversations with your BBM contacts over HSPA+, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Start BBM Video from the Phone or the Contacts app, or switch from a BBM chat to a BBM Video conversation, by simply tapping an icon. You can even share your screen with your contact by tapping an icon, and show your photos or presentations while you continue talking.

For more information, see BBM Video.

The Camera icon Camera and Time Shift mode

Your BlackBerry device has front and rear cameras for taking high resolution pictures and recording HD videos. You can open the camera from the home screen, and take a picture or record a video quickly by tapping anywhere on the screen. Time Shift mode captures several milliseconds before and after your picture, so you can pinpoint the best frames to create the perfect shot.

For more information, see Camera.

The BlackBerry Story Maker icon BlackBerry Story Maker

BlackBerry Story Maker allows you to combine your pictures, videos, and music into a stunning HD movie that you can view later and quickly share with others. You can select a song for background music, add intro titles and end credits, and apply themes.

For more information, see BlackBerry Story Maker.

The BlackBerry Remember icon BlackBerry Remember

A combination of memos and tasks, BlackBerry Remember helps you organize your interests, ideas, and projects. You can group related photos, lists, messages, emails, and links. Generate tasks from email messages and turn your content into actions from anywhere on your device.

For more information, see Remember.

The Contacts icon Contacts

The Contacts app contains details about the contact, updates and company news from the contact’s social network, and events that you and the contact have in common. You can quickly filter your contacts by using the account type (for example, you can choose to view only BBM contacts). You can also create favorites and use photos from social networking accounts to represent contacts.

For more information, see Contacts.

The Calendar icon Calendar

The Calendar app is integrated with the BlackBerry Hub, the Contacts app, and other apps and accounts. You can filter your calendar events for each of your social networking accounts. At a glance, you can view the people you are meeting on a particular day. The Calendar even suggests participants and locations, based on previous email and meetings.

For more information, see Calendar.

The Browser icon BlackBerry Browser

The new BlackBerry Browser is powerful, responsive, and super-fast. When you're browsing and you find something you want to share, you can post it to a social network with just a couple of gestures. You can also view webpages in Reader mode to remove distracting clutter.

For more information, see Browser.

The Music icon Share, stream, or display your media files

With a couple of quick taps from within your apps, you can easily share your music, pictures, videos, documents, webpages, and contacts with others over email, BBM, a Bluetooth connection, NFC, social networking accounts, and more. You can also stream your media to supported DLNA Certified devices such as computers, TVs, or other home entertainment equipment, or use an HDMI cable to display your media files on a TV or computer.

For more information, see Media sharing.

The Pictures icon Picture editing

You can edit pictures directly on your device. Crop and rotate the picture, reduce red-eye, or apply a variety of enhancements and artistic styles.

For more information, see Pictures

The Videos icon Video editing

You can edit videos directly on your device. Change the length of the video, rotate the image, and make enhancements such as brightness and color.

For more information, see Videos.

The search icon Search

You can search your entire device for files, settings, apps, help, and more. Either type your search term, or say it, from the home screen or from within an app. You can narrow your search to include only specific apps, or extend your search to include Internet sources.

For more information, see Search.

The Voice Control icon Voice Control

The Voice Control app can make multitasking easier. You can speak your commands and perform a variety of actions virtually hands-free. Use the Voice Control app to send messages, make calls, book meetings, search the Internet, post tweets, and more. Open the Voice Control app by pressing and holding the mute button on the side of the device, or from the keyboard by tapping and holding the microphone icon.

For more information, see Voice Control.

The BlackBerry World icon BlackBerry World

Discovering great apps is easier than ever with app recommendations based on similar purchases. You can choose an app, then quickly share it to social sites with a couple of gestures from within the app. BlackBerry World features a unified storefront for apps, games, themes, music, and videos, and parental controls that let you hide content that you don't want children to access.

The Smart Tags icon NFC and Smart Tags

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that's designed for transferring data quickly. BlackBerry Tag uses NFC technology to exchange files (including pictures, music, contact info, and even webpages) between your BlackBerry device and other NFC-enabled devices simply by tapping the back of your devices together. You can also use NFC on your device to pay for items, and to create and store Smart Tags containing URLs, phone numbers, and more that you can share with others.

For more information, see NFC and Smart Tags.

The BlackBerry Balance icon BlackBerry Balance

Take your device to the office for access to work email, apps, and data without compromising the personal use of your device. Your personal apps and information are kept separate and private from work data and apps. Easily switch between your work space and personal space with a simple gesture.

For more information, see About BlackBerry Balance.

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