Troubleshooting: Ring tones, sounds, and alerts

My device doesn't ring or vibrate when I receive a call or message

Try the following actions:
  • On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Verify that Silent Mode isn't turned on.
  • If you created a custom alert for a contact, in the Contacts app, tap a contact. Verify that the Volume setting isn't set to Silent and that the Vibration setting isn't set to Off.

My device doesn't display Instant Preview notifications

If you receive a message in an account associated with your BlackBerry Balance work space while your work space is locked, the message is not displayed as an Instant Preview notification. However, a flashing LED, vibration, or sound alerts you when you receive a new message.

My device doesn't display Lock Screen Preview notifications

Notifications for accounts that are associated with your work space do not appear in the Lock Screen Preview when your work space is locked. To view work space messages, unlock your device and enter your BlackBerry Balance password.

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