Create an event

  1. In the Calendar app, tap The add event icon.
  2. Enter the information for the event.
  3. Tap Save.
Tip: In any schedule view (for example, in the day schedule view or in the week view), you can also create an event by just tapping a spot on the schedule. Tap the New Event block that appears to change the event.

Invite people to an event

If your account supports adding participants, then you can add participants to an event either while you're creating the event, or after. If you added a Microsoft Exchange work account, you can connect to the remote server to add people who aren't in your contact list.
While you're creating or changing an event, in the Participants section, tap the Invite field.
  • If the person you're adding is in your contact list, start typing a name. Tap the name from the list.
  • If the person you're adding is a part of your organization, and you added your work account to your device, type the name. Tap Lookup.
Tip: Some accounts might let you view the participants' availability. After you add all of the participants to the event, tap View Availability. If any of your participants have a conflict, you can slide the green meeting bar to a time that works for everyone.