Playing your music

Play, pause, or skip a song

On the Now Playing screen, tap The play icon, The pause icon, The previous button, or The next button.

Shuffle your music

Tap Shuffle to shuffle your selected music.
To stop shuffling your music, tapShuffle again.

Repeat a song or your music list

To repeat your current music list, on the Now Playing screen, tap The repeat icon. Tap The repeat icon again to repeat the song that's currently playing.

Play or view your media file on a DLNA Certified device

Your DLNA Certified device must be a Digital Media Renderer.
You can wirelessly play or view media files saved on your BlackBerry device on supported DLNA Certified devices, such as computers, TVs, or other home entertainment equipment.

To find out if the device that you're trying to play or view a media file on is DLNA Certified, or for more information about DLNA Certified devices, visit

  1. Open a media file.
  2. If necessary, tap The more actions icon.
  3. Tap The Play on icon.
  4. Select a device to play or view the media file on.

To stop playing or viewing the media file on the DLNA Certified device, tap The Eject icon.

Doing more with your music

You can do lots more with your music such as search your songs, send or share them with friends, delete songs and albums, and so on. You can see the available options by tapping More or by touching and holding a song, artist, album, genre, or playlist and then tapping More.