Deleting apps

You can delete apps from the home screen of your BlackBerry device, or you can delete the apps that you download from the BlackBerry World storefront.

Delete a downloaded item from BlackBerry World

  1. On the BlackBerry World home screen, tap All
  2. Tap My Apps & Games, My Video, or My Music.
  3. Tap Downloaded.
  4. Touch and hold an item, and tap Uninstall.
    • If you think that you might want to reinstall the app later, tap Uninstall.
    • If you want to permanently delete the app, tap Delete.
After you finish: Uninstalled apps and games are listed on your My World screen. To see this list, tap My Apps & Games > Available.

Delete an app from your home screen

  1. On the home screen of your BlackBerry device, touch and hold an app icon until the icons begin to blink.
  2. On an app icon, tap the Delete icon.
After you finish:
Tip: Some app icons on your home screen are part of the core BlackBerry experience. These apps can't be deleted, and the delete icon will not appear on these app icons.

Reinstall an app or game

  1. On the BlackBerry World home screen, tap The All icon > My World > My Apps & Games.
  2. Tap Available.
    • To reinstall one app or game, tap The Install icon next to the app or game that you want to install.
    • To reinstall all of your uninstalled apps and games, at the bottom of the screen, tap The Install All icon.

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