Getting to know BlackBerry Link

BlackBerry Link displays the BlackBerry devices and the computer you have set up with BlackBerry Link at the bottom of the screen. You can see the devices that are connected using a USB cable or over a Wi-Fi network. Disconnected devices are hidden. You can click the More icon at the bottom of the screen to view the devices that you have set up but that are disconnected. The More icon also allows you to switch to a new device.

The main views in BlackBerry Link are the Content view and the Settings view. You can click the Settings icon at the top of the screen to switch between the two views.

You can open the Content view and the Settings view for your computer and for each device you set up with BlackBerry Link.

View Description


This view displays the music, pictures, videos, and documents on your device or your computer. You can sync files between your computer and device by selecting a category and dragging the files to your computer or your device.


This view displays your settings for backup and restore, synchronization, remote file access, and wireless syncing. In the Settings view for your computer, you can view the version of BlackBerry Link you have installed. In the Settings view for your device, you can view the device software version installed on your device. If an update is available for BlackBerry Link or for your device software, the update is available in the Settings view.

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