Use your smartphone as a remote control

You can use your BlackBerry smartphone as a wireless mouse and keyboard for your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet while your devices are connected using BlackBerry Bridge.

On your smartphone, in the BlackBerry Bridge app, tap Remote Control.
After you finish:


With your BlackBerry smartphone in hand, do any of the following:
  • To use swiping gestures that you normally use on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, such as swiping up to minimize an application, swipe one finger across the virutal frame.
  • To move the cursor, use one finger inside of the virtual frame.
  • To access certain screens on the home screen, such as the settings screen, or to scroll from side to side, use one finger to move the cursor until the pointer changes shape on your tablet, and tap the screen.


To scroll up or down in a document, on a website, or in a list of items on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, using two fingers, slide your fingers up or down on your BlackBerry smartphone's screen.

Start the presenter mode

You can use your BlackBerry smartphone to move between slides on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or a tablet connected to an HDMI display, such as a TV, projector, or computer monitor.

  1. On the Remote Control screen in BlackBerry Bridge, tap Presenter.
  2. Tap the arrows to move to the next slide.
After you finish: To return to the Remote Control mode, tap Remote Control.

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