BBM icons


Unread Message

Unread message in a chat

Unread Ping Message

Ping message

Contact wants your attention

Received File

File has been sent or received

Unread Broadcast Message

Unread broadcast message

Draft Message

You created a draft BBM message

Message Sending

Message is being sent

Message Sent

Message has been sent

Message Delivered

Message has been delivered

Message Read

Message has been read

Message Pending

Message hasn't been sent yet

Tip: Verify that your device is connected to the Internet.
Unsent Message

Message couldn't be sent

Tip: Touch and hold the message, and tap Resend.
Start Video Chat or Start Voice Chat

Contact is available for a video or voice chat


You or the contact is busy

Show what I'm listening to

Contact is listening to music

BBM Groups

Liked Picture

You like this picture

Comments Added

Comments have been added to the list

An Administrator

This member is an administrator for the group

Invite to BBM

Add the member as a BBM contact

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