About BlackBerry Messenger

With BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), you can chat and share in real-time with your BlackBerry contacts. For example, you can see when someone has read your message and when the person is typing a reply. You can also share pictures, voice notes, your location, and files.

You can use BBM Groups to plan events, delegate tasks, and see when members add or change items. A social space is created in BBM so that you can chat and share pictures, lists, and calendar appointments with up to 30 people in a group at the same time.

You can use BBM over a Wi-Fi connection, such as while you're travelling.

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Note: Requires a BlackBerry device running BlackBerry 10 OS and later.

Learn more about BBM on your device by scanning this QR code with the Smart Tags app.

To open the Help app on your device, scan this QR code.

Tutorial: Setting up BBM using a BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry 10 device

This tutorial provides you with the opportunity to see and then practice setting up BBM using a BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry 10 device.
Note: This tutorial is available in English only.

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