Editing a document in Adobe Reader

Create or edit sticky notes

Sticky notes are used to add comments to a PDF document in Adobe Reader. To create a sticky note:

  1. Tap The More icon.
  2. Tap The Annotation Bar icon.
  3. Tap The Comment icon.
  4. Tap an area of the screen, and start typing to add comments.
  5. Tap Save.
After you finish:

To view or edit an existing sticky note, tap the sticky note.

Highlight text in a PDF document

  1. Touch and hold an area of text, then move the cursor indicators to select the text you want to highlight.
  2. Tap an area within the cursor indicators.
  3. Tap The Highlight icon.
After you finish:
Tip: To strikeout or underline an area of text, tap The Strikeout icon or tap The Underline icon.

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