Fixed Issues

This section lists issues fixed in BlackBerry Link 1.0 bundle 75.

In some cases, the Social Feeds database from your previous device might not have been transferred as expected to your new BlackBerry 10 device.

You might not have been able to successfully send or receive text messages after transferring device data to your BlackBerry 10 device from your previous device SMS message database. (PR 294223)

Previously, contacts might not have transferred to your BlackBerry 10 device if your previous device had contacts sorted by groups. (PR 291012)

Calendar entries prior to January 1, 1970 might not have been transferred to your new device as expected. (PR 286414)
In some cases, after you paired your tablet with your computer, the BlackBerry Bridge icons might not have appeared, even though they were functional when you tapped on the app names. (PR 2600291)
Some songs and voice notes might not have been restored from a backup file to your new device as expected. Some songs and voice notes might have been deleted from the backup file. (PR 2419867)

Text updates have been made to clarify when the device switch process has completed in full. (DT 6806306)

If you had songs with album art in Windows Media Player, and if you used BlackBerry Link to sync those songs to your device, the album art might not have appeared in the BlackBerry Link home screen. (DT 6754281)
If you opened BlackBerry Link, and if you changed your BlackBerry ID password and then closed and reopened BlackBerry Link, you might not have been prompted to reenter your BlackBerry ID password. (DT 6723782)

If installed BlackBerry Link in German, some installation screens might not have been fully translated as expected. (DT 6700790)

If your device was paired with BlackBerry Link, and if you moved your device out of the coverage range and then back into the coverage range, your device might not have reconnected to BlackBerry Link as expected. (DT 6676227)
Some country names might have appeared in English rather than Arabic when you were using BlackBerry Link in Arabic (DT 6665496)
Catalan did not appear correctly as an option in the Region or Country Selection of the setup. (DT 6665199)
Simplified Chinese might not have appeared as an option when you selected your country and region language preference. (DT 6665119)
The text advising of a software update appeared truncated in Spanish. (DT 6646452)
The correct amount of memory used for videos (0 KB) might not have been reflected in BlackBerry Link after you deleted all videos from your device. (DT 6637065)
The wireless sync feature in BlackBerry Link is not available when your computer is connected to a VPN. This is by design. (DT 6616832)
In some cases, videos recorded on your device and then synced with BlackBerry Link might not have been displayed as a thumbnail in the Videos Content View. (DT 6580011)
BlackBerry Link might have closed unexpectedly while restoring device data. (DT 6445471)
In some cases, thumbnail versions of videos might have appeared differently on your device and in the Videos library in BlackBerry Link after they had been synced. (DT 5786944)

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