Creating playlists and organizing your music

On the Playlists screen, you can make and use your own playlists or play the collections of songs that your BlackBerry device gathers for you. Inside each playlist and collection you can see which artists and albums are featured.

Make a playlist

  1. On the Playlists screen, tap Create.
  2. Tap Plus beside the songs, artists, and albums that you want to add.
  3. Tap Save.
Tip: To add all songs by an artist or all songs in an album, tap the album or artist. Tap Add All.

Add the currently playing song to a playlist

On the Now Playing screen, tap More > Add to Playlist.

Edit or rename a playlist

  1. In a playlist, tap Edit.
    • To change the playlist name, tap its current name.
    • To add a song, tap Add Songs. Beside the songs, artists, and albums that you want to add, tap Add.
    • To delete a song, tap Remove from list.
    • To change the song's order in the playlist, tap and drag the song to where you want the song to go.
  2. Tap Save.