Viewing a document in Adobe Reader

Change the view mode

In Adobe Reader, you can view your PDF documents in two different view modes based on your own preferences. Continuous mode is the default mode, which allows your to scroll through multiple pages of a PDF document in one swipe.

Tap anywhere on the screen.
  • To view a PDF document one page at a time, tap Single Page.
  • To view a PDF document in Continuous mode, tap Continuous.
Tip: When you tap an area of the screen, the page number indicator appears in the top left-hand corner.

Navigate through pages of a PDF document

Touch and hold an area of the screen.
  • To go to the next page, swipe up.
  • To go to a previous page, swipe down.
Note: When viewing a document in Single Page view mode, swipe your finger to the left to go to the next page. Swipe your finger to the right to go to a previous page.