Editing and presenting slideshows

Edit a slideshow

You can edit the content of slides in a presentation. You can edit the content, or change the font and formatting of the content on the slide.

  • To edit text, double tap an area of the slide.
  • To change the font or formatting, tap Format.

Jump to a slide

  1. In the panel on the top frame:
    • Slide your finger to the right to go back in the presentation.
    • Slide your finger to the left to go forward in the presentation.
  2. Tap the slide that you want to jump to.

Reorder the slides

  1. Touch and hold a slide in the top frame.
  2. Drag the slide to where you want to move it.
  3. Release the slide.

View a slideshow presentation

When you view a presentation on your BlackBerry device, your screen looks the same as it does when presenting a slideshow. You do not need to have an HDMI cable connected to your device to view a presentation.

  1. Tap Slideshow.
  2. To go to the next slide, swipe your finger to the left.
Tip: You can share a presentation with a friend or colleague by sharing your screen in a BBM Video chat. For more information, see the BBM Video section of the help.

Present a slideshow

To present a slideshow, connect your BlackBerry device to an external source using an HDMI cable.
Tip: When presenting a slideshow, your next slide appears at the bottom of the screen on your device. You can preview your next slide even when your presentation notes are visible on your screen. Your audience cannot see this action. To preview your next slide, touch and hold the notes area of the screen, then slide your finger down.
  1. Tap Slideshow.
  2. Tap Present.
  3. To view the presenter notes, tap Notes.
  4. To move to the next slide, drag a slide horizontally.

To stop presenting a slideshow, tap Back.

Zoom in or out on a slide

During a presentation, you can focus in on an area of a slide by using the zoom feature. The zoom action is reflected on the presentation screen for your audience to see.

  1. To zoom in to an area of a slide while presenting, slide your fingers apart.
  2. To move to another area of a slide and maintain the slide zoom, slide your finger to the area of the screen you want your audience to see.
  3. To zoom out of an area, slide your fingers together.