Editing spreadsheets

Resize a row or column

Tap a row or column header.
  • To resize a row, drag your finger up or down.
  • To resize a column, drag your finger left or right.

Enable word wrap

  1. Tap a cell, row, or column.
  2. Tap Format.
  3. Tap Font.
  4. Tap Word Wrap.

Change the font or formatting

  • To change the font or formatting of text, tap Format.
  • To change the number format in a cell, highlight the cell, and tap Cell Format.
Tip: You can edit existing formulas by making changes to them in the text bar at the top of the screen.

Cut, copy and paste a cell, row, or column

  1. Double tap a cell, row, or column.
  2. Touch and hold the cell, row, or column.
  3. Tap Cut, or Copy.
  4. Double tap where you want to paste the item.
  5. Touch and hold where you want to paste the item.
  6. Tap Paste.

Clear the contents of a cell

  1. Double tap a cell.
  2. Tap Clear Cell Contents.