Known Issues

This section lists known issues for BlackBerry Link 1.0 bundle 95.


When you connect your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer without BlackBerry Link installed, a new Finder window with start.dmg might not open as expected. (DT 6487701)

Switching devices

When you connect a device that isn’t supported by BlackBerry Link to your computer and select Transfer Device Data, if you disconnect your device during the backup process, you might not receive an error message as expected to check the connection status of your device. (DT 6193884)

When you are transferring data from one device to another, in some cases the setup wizard for the source device might cover the screen and prevent you from completing the transfer process. (DT 6053091)

Wi-Fi synchronization

If you pair your device with BlackBerry Link using Wi-Fi, and if you leave your device and computer idle for approximately 10 minutes, your device might not appear in the navigation bar in BlackBerry Link. (DT 6740687)

If your device is paired with BlackBerry Link, and if you take your device outside of the coverage, take a picture, and return to the coverage, the new data on your device might not sync with BlackBerry Link as expected. (DT 6740087)

If you sign into BlackBerry ID on your device, connect your device to your Mac computer, and go through the New Device Wizard on BlackBerry Link, you might receive an error message and your device might not be paired with BlackBerry Link. (DT 6728743)

In some cases, when you have paired your computer and your device via Wi-Fi and you click Cancel while music is syncing, the syncing process might not pause as expected. (DT 6652676)

If you enable synchronization over Wi-Fi, and if you sync data using USB and then unplug your device, you might not be able to sync over Wi-Fi. (DT 6600768)

Synchronizing media and documents

If you drag and drop a video file that is not supported by iTunes from your device to BlackBerry Link, BlackBerry Link might attempt to import the video file into iTunes. (DT 6727997)

You might not be able to stop syncing pictures by clicking Cancel as expected. (DT 6684560)

The first time you connect your device to BlackBerry Link, if you take photos and videos with your device while it is still connected to your computer, only the pictures might be transferred to your device, rather than the pictures and videos as expected.

Workaround: Manually sync your device and computer. Videos will appear in BlackBerry Link. (DT 6676209)

In some cases, when you delete a documents folder and its contents on your device, the folder might remain on the device as empty, rather than being deleted entirely. (DT 6570068)

You might not receive a notification that there is not enough space left on your computer to sync a large media file with your computer. (DT 6411603)

If you update album art in iTunes, you might not see this reflected in the Artist view on your device. (DT 6355480)

Backing up and restoring data

If you try to perform a backup of the device data associated with your workspace, the backup might not complete as expected, and you might not receive a message that you must sign in with your BlackBerry ID. (DT 6205099)

You might not be able to restore .bbb or .ipd files as expected. (DT 6166259)


On rare occasions, if you open BlackBerry Link on your computer, and if you navigate to other applications and leave BlackBerry Link running in the background, BlackBerry Link might stop responding. (DT 6755309)

If you change your BlackBerry ID while your device is paired with BlackBerry Link, BlackBerry Link might not prompt you to enter your new BlackBerry ID as expected. (DT 6736998)

BlackBerry Link might not display a message or indication of the fact that your device is using a corrupted media card when you connect to your computer. You might receive the following error message instead: “No files to copy.” (DT 6553424)

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