Getting to know BlackBerry Link

BlackBerry Link displays the BlackBerry devices and the computer you have set up with BlackBerry Link at the side of the window. You can see the devices that are connected using a USB cable or over a Wi-Fi network. You can still see disconnected devices, but you can't manage or sync content while a device is disconnected from your computer.

When a device is connected to BlackBerry Link, you see menu items below the device name. Each menu items allows you to perform the following actions:

View Description

Device name

See your device name, model number, and software version. This view also includes the option to remove your device from BlackBerry Link.

Back Up & Restore

Back up and restore your device data, or reset your device to its factory settings. You can also choose how frequently you want to back up your device data.

Software Updates

Check for updates to your device and BlackBerry Link software. You can also set up the option to automatically install these updates.


Set up sync preferences for your organizer data, such as contacts and calendar entries, and sync this data between you device and your computer.

Music, Pictures, Videos, and Documents

See the media and documents on your device. Sync or copy collections of files between your device and your computer.

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