US Information Concerning the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") Requirements for Hearing Aid Compatibility with Wireless Devices

When wireless devices are used near hearing devices (such as hearing aids and cochlear implants), users may detect a buzzing, humming, or whining noise. Some hearing devices are more immune than others to this interference, and wireless devices also vary in the amount of interference that they generate.

The wireless telephone industry has developed ratings to assist hearing device users in finding wireless devices that may be compatible with their hearing devices. Not all wireless devices have been rated. Wireless devices that are rated will have the rating displayed on the box together with other relevant approval markings.

The ratings are not guarantees. Results will vary depending on the user's hearing device and hearing loss. If your hearing device is vulnerable to interference, you may not be able to use a rated wireless device successfully.

Consulting with your hearing health professional and testing the wireless device with your hearing device is the best way to evaluate it for your personal needs.

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