Preference Description
Distance Choose the measurement units used: Metric or Imperial.
Temperature Choose the temperature units used: Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Time Choose between the 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock.
Date Choose the date format: MMDDYY or DDMMYY.
Roaming Mode Choose to enable or disable Navigator features that require large data downloads to reduce costs while you are roaming.

Route Options

Preference Description
Mode Choose your method of travel: by car or by foot.
Route Choose how you want Navigator to calculate your route. Fastest, Shortest, or Simplest.
Show Choose which road features you want to appear in your navigation views.
Avoid Choose which road types you want to avoid.
Navigation View Choose the navigation view.


Preferences Description
Main Screen Choose to display either the Content Carousel or Map view as your home screen.
Map Tray Choose which icons appear in the Map Tray.
Content Carousel Choose which icons appear in the Content Carousel.
Night mode Enable or disable night mode.


Preference Description
Navigation Volume Choose the volume of the spoken directions.
Navigation Prompt Choose the type of spoken navigation prompt that announces upcoming route directions.
Navigation Audio Choose which audio to use, default audio settings or phone speaker


Preference Description
License Agreement View the Navigator End User License Agreement.
Connection View which type of network connection Navigator is using.
Reset Wipe all Navigator data from your device.
Exit Key Enable the End key to exit the Navigator application.

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