I don't know how to use my BlackBerry ID

Your BlackBerry ID provides you with seamless access to multiple BlackBerry products and services, such as the BlackBerry World storefront, BBM, and BlackBerry Protect.

Note: It's important to choose a BlackBerry ID password that you can remember. If you forget your BlackBerry ID password, password recovery details can be sent to the email address that you use as your BlackBerry ID username. For your username, be sure to use an email address that you use frequently and that you can access through a browser on your computer. The email address that you use as your username doesn't have to be associated with your BlackBerry device.
Should I create a new BlackBerry ID or reuse an old BlackBerry ID?

If you previously created a BlackBerry ID, you must use it when you set up your new device. You should only create a new BlackBerry ID if you have not created one before.

You can sign in to both a tablet and smartphone using the same BlackBerry ID.

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