I can't send and receive email

If you can't send and receive email, there are a few things that we can check and, hopefully, get you working with email.

Tip: When you troubleshoot issues with email setup, it is a good idea to have any information about related passwords, settings, or other account information on hand in case you need to consult it. You might also need to consult with your administrator or email service provider, so it is a good idea to have the contact information on hand, before you get started.
Are you connected to a wireless network?

To be able to send and receive email, you must be connected to either a Wi-Fi network or a mobile network. If you think that you are in a wireless coverage area and you are trying to use a Wi-Fi network, let's make sure that you are connected.

Are you connected to a mobile network?

If you are using a mobile network rather than a Wi-Fi network, data services for your device must be turned on in order for you to use email successfully.

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