About application permissions

You can use the application permission settings on your BlackBerry smartphone to control what information and functions an application can access on your smartphone, such as email messages, contacts, pictures, or GPS.

Application permissions also let you control whether information can be transferred from your smartphone, such as over an Internet or Bluetooth connection. The following application permission settings are available on your smartphone:

  • Allow: The application can access the information or function.
  • Prompt: The application prompts you when it tries to access the information or function. This setting is not available for all permissions.
  • Deny: The application can't access the information or function. In some cases, the application might not work as expected if information or a function isn't available to it.

The appearance of the application permission screens might differ, depending on the version of device software that is running on your smartphone.

Trusted Application status

The first time you open an application, you might be asked if you want to grant Trusted Application status to the application. If you grant Trusted Application status, the application is allowed to access all the information and functions that are controlled by application permissions, with the exception of using the camera or microphone to record data.

Trusted Application status dialog box.

Default application permissions

If you don't grant an application the Trusted Application status, the application is granted the default permissions. With the default permissions, the application prompts you before it tries to record camera or microphone data, place or receive phone calls, access phone logs or phone information, or access location-based features such as the GPS feature.

You can change the settings for the default application permissions at any time.

Edit Default Permissions screen.

Application permissions request

A downloaded application might request specific permission settings. If you grant the application the permissions in the request, the remaining permissions for the application are set to your default settings.

Application Permissions Request screen.

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