Change group options

  1. On the contact list screen, in the BBM Groups category, click a group.
  2. Press the Image                         of Menu key key > View Group Details.
    • To change the group icon, change the Group Icon field.
    • To share or stop sharing your status with members, change the Share My Status Message field.
    • To turn on group chat history, change the Save Chat History field to Device or Media Card.
    • To save group pictures, change the Save Pictures field to Media Card or Device.
    • To prevent group activities from appearing in the Messages application, beside the Message List Integration field, click Settings. Select an option. Click OK.
    • To stop receiving notifications for group activities, change the Turn Off All Notifications For This Group field to Yes.
  3. If you are an administrator of the group, do any of the following:
    • To change the group description, type a new description.
    • To prevent members from inviting other people to the group, change the Allow Non-admin Members To Invite Others field to No.
    • To change the password that a member can type to become an administrator of the group, click Set or Change.
  4. Press the Menu key > Save.

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