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Typing shortcuts

  • To insert a period, press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalized.
  • To capitalize a letter, hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears.
  • To type an accented character, press and hold the letter key. Click the accented character that appears on the screen.
  • To turn on NUM lock, hold the 123 key until the lock indicator appears on the 123 key. To turn off NUM lock, press the 123 key again.
  • To turn on CAP lock, hold the Shift key until the lock indicator appears on the Shift key. To turn off CAP lock, press the Shift key again.
  • To insert an at sign (@) or a period (.) in an email address field, press the Space key.
  • To type a symbol, press the Symbol key. To see more symbols, press the Symbol key again.
  • To place the cursor within text, click the screen. To move the cursor one character at a time, touch the screen near the cursor until the cursor changes from a solid box to an outlined box. Slide your finger to move the cursor.
  • To cut or copy text and paste it into an application, simultaneously touch the screen before and after the text that you want to copy. Click the cut or copy icon at the bottom of the screen. Place the cursor where you want to insert the cut or copied text. Press the Menu key. Click Paste.
  • To change the typing input language quickly when you are using your BlackBerry® device in landscape view, or in portrait view with the full keyboard, click the globe icon. Click an input language.


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