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Copy contacts to and from SIM card

The Copy All feature can be used to copy contacts from your SIM card to your contacts list. A helpful feature when you are setting up a new device. You can also copy contacts from your contacts list to your SIM card, but they must be copied individually to ensure storage availability. Depending on your wireless service provider, your BlackBerry smartphone might not use a SIM card.
Do one of the following:
  • To copy contacts from your SIM card to your contact list, in the contact list, press the key > SIM Phone Book. Press the key > Copy All To Contacts.
  • To copy a contact from your contact list to your SIM Card, in the contact list, click a contact. Highlight a phone number. Press the key > Copy to SIM Phone Book. Press the key > Save.
After you finish: Another option to backup your contacts is to use the BlackBerry Desktop Software. For more information, visit to see the User Guide for BlackBerry Desktop Software.

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