Play a media file

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the home screen, click the Media icon. Click a media type. If necessary, click a category.
    • On the home screen or in the Applications folder, click the Voice Notes icon.
  2. Click a file.
  3. If the media controls don't appear at the bottom of the screen, click the trackpad.
    • To play a media file, click the Play icon.
    • To pause a media file, click the Pause icon.
    • To stop a media file, click the Stop icon.
    • To move to the next media file, click the Next icon.
    • To move to the previous media file or the beginning of the media file that's currently playing, click the Back icon.
    • To fast-forward or rewind a file, click the progress bar. On the trackpad, slide your finger to the right or left. Click the progress bar again.

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