Finding and protecting a lost device

BlackBerry Protect includes features designed to help you find your BlackBerry device and help protect your device's data if your device is ever lost or stolen. You can manage up to seven devices from your BlackBerry Protect account.

After you turn on BlackBerry Protect in your device settings, visit and sign in with your BlackBerry ID. On the BlackBerry Protect website, you can view the current location of your device on a map, make it ring (even if it's in silent mode), or display a custom message on your locked device to provide instructions about how to contact you. If your device is stolen, you can remotely lock it, change the password, or delete all of the data from your device.

If you add a work email account to your device, your administrator might disable BlackBerry Protect the ability to remotely change your password or locate your device.

Set up BlackBerry Protect on your device

To use BlackBerry Protect, your BlackBerry device must be connected to a wireless network.

  1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap Settings > BlackBerry Protect.
  3. Set the BlackBerry Protect switch to On.
  4. To be able to view the current location of your device on a map, tap Location Settings. Set the Location Services switch to On.
After you finish:
Tip: To use BlackBerry Protect features, go to and sign in with your BlackBerry ID.

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