Reinstall one or all apps

If you switch to a different BlackBerry smartphone or delete all the data from your smartphone, you can reinstall all of the apps that you bought from the BlackBerry App World storefront. You can remove and reinstall apps as many times as you want on the same smartphone, and you can install apps that you bought on up to four additional smartphones each year without paying for apps again. You must be logged in to BlackBerry App World with your BlackBerry ID to reinstall apps.
On the My World screen, in the Installed drop-down list, click Uninstalled.
  • To reinstall all apps, click Reinstall All.
  • To reinstall one app, press the Menu key > Reinstall. If an update is available and you want to update the app, click Upgrade. If an update is available, but you do not want to update the app, click Reinstall.

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