BlackBerry Bridge vs Tethering

Who is BlackBerry Bridge for?

BlackBerry Bridge is an app for people who have a BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later and a BlackBerry tablet.

Why use BlackBerry Bridge?

The BlackBerry Bridge app allows you to interact with your smartphone's email, calendars, contacts, BBM, and more–all on the large 7" high-resolution screen of your BlackBerry tablet. When you receive new messages or reminders, such as when your smartphone is ringing, the notifications appear right on your tablet. If your administrator allows corporate intranet browsing, you can use the Bridge Browser to access your company's intranet.

You can also use your smartphone as a wireless mouse and keyboard for your tablet. Watch movies, surf the Internet, or present a slideshow on your tablet's screen or a connected HDMI display, such as a TV.

How does BlackBerry Bridge work?

After pairing your tablet and smartphone using the BlackBerry Bridge app, your tablet and smartphone are connected through an AES-256 encrypted Bluetooth connection. When you reply to messages on your tablet, such as from the Bridge BBM app, the message is sent using your smartphone's data connection rather than using the Wi-Fi connection on your tablet.

If your tablet is not connected to a network, some apps on your tablet might be able to use your smartphone's connection to the Internet instead. BlackBerry Bridge is designed to connect to the Internet in the following order: Wi-Fi (on your tablet), Wi-Fi (on your smartphone), and, only then, your mobile data plan (on your smartphone).

Note: Some wireless service providers require that you have a tethering plan to use the Bridge Browser app.

Who is tethering for?

Tethering is a feature for all BlackBerry PlayBook tablet owners who have a Bluetooth enabled smartphone (which is not necessarily a BlackBerry smartphone) with a data plan. Contact your wireless service provider for information about their tethering fees and policies.

Why use tethering?

Internet or IP Tethering lets you use a device that has a data connection, such as a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, as a modem so that other devices, like your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, can access the Internet.

How does tethering work?

You first pair your tablet and smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Then, when you select the tethering option on the tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can use a data-enabled smartphone with a Bluetooth DUN profile as a modem to access the Internet.

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