Troubleshooting: Print To Go


Possible cause or solution

I received a message that says my login information has expired, or that my BlackBerry ID connection has timed out when printing for the first time.

Turn off AVG Anti-Virus software if you have it installed on your computer. Print the file to your tablet using Print To Go. When printing is complete, turn the anti-virus software back on.

I upgraded the software on my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet but I can't print to my tablet.

Go to and verify that you have the latest desktop software installed on your computer.

I installed Print To Go on my computer, but I can't print to my tablet

Check that another device is not interrupting the connection.

I received a message that says Print To Go can't locate my tablet

Try one of the following:
  • Check that your tablet is connected to a wireless network and that you can use the browser.
  • Ensure that you are logged in with the same BlackBerry ID on your computer and tablet.
  • Restart your tablet, and try again.

I can't download and install the Print To Go software on a Mac computer

Currently, Print To Go only supports computers running Windows XP or later.

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