Playing your music

Your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet supports popular types of audio formats, including MP3, M4A, WMA, and WAV. Plug in your headphones, use the built-in stereo speakers, or take it a step further and hook up your tablet to a home entertainment system using HDMI.

Change the volume

Touch and drag the volume bar.

Mute a song

Press and hold the Play/Pause key on the top of your tablet.

Shuffle or repeat songs

Tap or .

Switch to a different music category

Swipe down from the top frame. Tap a category.

See what's next in a playlist

Tap beside the album art of the song that is currently playing.

Search your music

Tap Search All. Enter the title or artist you're looking for.

Jump to a specific song or album

On the All Songs or Album screen, swipe up from the bottom-left corner. Enter the first letters of the song or album. Click Return to jump to that section of your music list.

Control music from the status bar

Tap . Tap , , or .

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