Navigating and scrolling

Navigate your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

It’s easy to switch apps, minimize apps, show the menu, and show the status bar on your tablet.

On a BlackBerry smartphone with a physical keyboard, move the cursor to the edge of your tablet screen. Click the trackpad.

On a touch screen, you can use tablet swiping gestures on your smartphone's screen to navigate your tablet.


Press and hold the ALT key and slide your finger up or down on the trackpad. On a touch screen, place two fingers on the screen and slide your fingers up or down.

Browser tip

With the remote control, you can open links in a new tab or save images from web pages.

Press and hold the ALT key while clicking the trackpad. On a touch screen, using two fingers, tap the screen.

Zoom in and out

Open a picture. Double-tap.

Move an item

Using the cursor, press and hold an item, such as an app icon on your tablet home screen. Drag the item to a new location. Click the trackpad or tap your touch screen to release the item.

Change the input sensitivity

You can adjust the cursor and scrolling speed to make it easier to move around your tablet's screen or an HDMI display that's connected to your tablet.

Press the Menu key > Settings. Change the option for the input speed.

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