Viewing your pictures

Your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is the perfect way to capture moments as they happen and share them with friends and family on a high-resolution screen. Pictures that you take are saved in the Pictures app.

Zoom in to a picture

Pinch out. Double-tap to fit the picture to the screen.

Move between pictures

Swipe left or right.

Pan a picture

When you are zoomed into a picture, touch and drag in any direction.

Delete a picture

Tap a picture. Swipe down from the top frame. Tap Delete.

Set a picture as your wallpaper

Tap a picture. Swipe down from the top frame. Tap Set as Wallpaper.

Play a slideshow

Tap an album. Tap a picture. Tap .

Move pictures between your tablet and your computer

Connect your tablet and computer using a USB cable. On your computer, open the BlackBerry® Desktop Software. Click Pictures and complete the instructions on the screen.

Take a screen shot

Press the Volume Up key and the Volume Down key at the same time.

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