Download apps with BlackBerry App World

Enhance your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with the many games and apps that are available through the BlackBerry App World storefront. You can search for apps or browse the top downloaded and best-selling apps, and you can pay for apps using your credit card or PayPal account. The My World screen shows an overview of all of your apps and statuses, so you can quickly see which apps are installed or deleted.

After you download an app, you can find it on the home screen of your tablet.

  1. If prompted, enter your BlackBerry ID password.
  2. Search for an app or tap the app that you want to download.
    • To download a free or trial version of an app, if available, tap Install or Download Trial.
    • To buy an app, tap Purchase > Buy Now.

Update an app

Tap My World > Upgrade. Complete the instructions on the screen.

Delete or remove an app

Tap an app. Tap Delete.

Change your default payment method

Swipe down from the top frame. Tap Payment Options.

Update your BlackBerry ID account information

Go to

Additional terms and conditions might apply to software and services made available through BlackBerry App World. Data charges might apply when you add or use an application over the wireless network.

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