About tablet passwords

You can set different passwords to help protect the data and information on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

You are required to enter your BlackBerry ID login information the first time you turn on your tablet, and again if you clear all the data on your tablet. You also use your BlackBerry ID as authentication when you purchase apps from BlackBerry App World, and when you sign into the Video Chat application.

Setting a password for your tablet is optional, and it allows you to automatically lock your tablet after the set amount of time has passed. When your tablet automatically locks it goes into standby mode. This type of password security ensures that if your tablet is lost or stolen, the information on it remains secure. If an incorrect password is entered ten times, the tablet data is automatically deleted. For more information about setting a tablet password, see the help topic about setting a password.

Storage and Sharing Password protection is optional, and allows you to set a password to use when sharing files. The file sharing password prevents someone from connecting to your tablet over a wireless network, and accessing files on the computer that the tablet is mapped to. If you intend to share files over a Wi-Fi network, it is recommended that you use a password to protect the data on your tablet. For more information about storage and sharing password protection, see the help topics about File Sharing.

BlackBerry Balance Perimeter passwords allow you to secure areas of your tablet as work-only, or personal-only.

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