BlackBerry Screen Reader settings

Speech settings


Change the volume of the BlackBerry Screen Reader voice.


Change the speech rate of the BlackBerry Screen Reader. The slowest setting is 1, while the fastest is 10.


Change the sound pitch of the BlackBerry Screen Reader voice. The lowest pitch is 1, while the highest is 10. Changing the pitch might make the BlackBerry Screen Reader easier to understand.

Silent on Calls

Prevent the BlackBerry Screen Reader from reading back information while you're on a call.

Information settings


Select the amount of information read back on a screen. Selecting High provides more information, while selecting Low provides less information. You might want to select the High setting when learning to use the smartphone and move to the Low setting as you become familiar with the smartphone.

Keyboard Echo

Select the amount of information read back when typing in a text field.
  • The None option doesn't read any speech back when typing on a text field.
  • The Characters option reads back only characters. The Words option reads back only words.
  • The Characters and words option reads back both characters and words.


Select the amount of punctuation symbols read back when typing. The settings are Off, Some, Most, or All.

Other settings

Auto Start

Start the BlackBerry Screen Reader automatically after a phone reset.

Mute on Keypad Lock

Mute the BlackBerry Screen Reader when the keypad is locked and prevent the application from reading the unlock information each time you press a key.

Secret Editor Mode

Controls whether passwords are read back as you type in the information. You can choose between Asterisks, Characters or None.

Audible Notifications

Play a sound when the smartphone switches from Command or Key Describer mode after pressing the right convenience key.
  • When Key Describer mode is on, you can discover the input and shortcut functions of each physical key upon pressing the keys.
  • When Command Mode is on, you can use the shortcut features that comes with the BlackBerry Screen Reader.