Important keys

Keys on the front of your BlackBerry smartphone

Image of Trackpad


  • Slide your finger to move around the screen.
  • Press (click) to select an item.
  • Press and hold to open a pop-up menu.

Image of Menu key


  • Open a menu.
  • Select a highlighted menu item.
  • Press and hold to switch applications quickly.

Image of Escape key


  • Return to the previous screen.
  • Close the menu.

Image of Send key


  • Make a call.
  • Answer a call.

Image of End/Power key


  • End a call.
  • Return to the home screen.
  • Press and hold to turn on or turn off your BlackBerry smartphone.

Keys on the top of your smartphone

Image of Lock key


Lock your keyboard.

Keys on the right side of your smartphone

Image of Volume/Mute keys


  • Press the top and bottom keys to change the volume.
  • Press and hold the top or bottom key to play the next or previous media file.
  • Before you take a picture or record a video, press the top or bottom key to zoom in or out.
  • Press the middle key to mute a call or mute the volume.

Image of Right Convenience key

Right convenience key

  • If supported, open the camera. To take a picture, press the convenience key again.
  • You can also customize this key.

Keys on the left side of your smartphone

Image of Left convenience key

Left convenience key

  • If supported, press to open BBM.
  • You can also customize this key.


Image of Shift key


Capitalize letters.

Image of Alt key


Type the alternate character on a key.

Image of Symbol key


Open the symbol list.

Image of  Backspace/Delete key


Delete the previous character or a selected item.

Image of Enter key


Select an item.

Image of Speakerphone key


Turn on or turn off the speakerphone during a call.