Import your pictures from your smartphone or tablet to your computer

When you connect your BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your computer, you can import pictures that are on your smartphone or tablet. You can't import encrypted pictures from your tablet.

If your smartphone is running BlackBerry 6 or later or if you are importing pictures from your tablet, by default, the BlackBerry Desktop Software imports pictures taken using the camera on your device. To also import other pictures from your device that you didn't take using the camera, you can change your media settings.

  1. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer.
  2. If available, to change the default setting and make all pictures on your device available for import, in the BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Device > Device options. On the Media tab, clear the Only show pictures taken by the device camera checkbox.
  3. In the BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Pictures.
  4. If necessary, click Get Started.
  5. On the Device Pictures tab, do one of the following:
    • To import only pictures that are new since your last import, verify that the BlackBerry Desktop Software selected your latest pictures.
    • To import all your pictures, including pictures that have been imported previously, select the Show imported pictures checkbox. Click Check all.
    • To import individual pictures, click Clear all. Select the checkbox below each picture you want to import.
  6. To change the folder on your computer that your pictures are imported to for the connected device, click Change import folder. Select the new folder. Click OK.
  7. Click Import Pictures.

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