About copying files

You can copy files and folders between your BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and your computer. When you connect your smartphone or tablet to the BlackBerry Desktop Software, you can access its storage drive and drag and drop files between your computer's desktop or Windows Explorer.

After you copy the files onto your smartphone or tablet, you can reorganize your files by moving them to a new or an existing folder.

You can also copy encrypted files between your smartphone and your computer. If you're copying encrypted files from a smartphone that has encryption turned on, you must keep encryption turned on to view and copy the files successfully. If you turn off encryption for your smartphone and need to open or copy an encrypted file, you need to turn encryption on again. If a file from your media card is encrypted, a lock appears beside the file icon. A file might be encrypted even if a lock doesn't appear beside it. To check whether a file is encrypted, see the encryption settings on your smartphone.

Encrypted files take longer to copy than non-encrypted files, as your smartphone is actively encrypting and decrypting files before they are copied.

Encrypted files aren't supported on the tablet.

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