About Wi-Fi music sync

You can use Wi-Fi music sync on your BlackBerry smartphone to browse songs by artists, playlists, albums, and genres that are in your Windows Media Player library or iTunes library on your computer. This feature isn't available for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

You can select music that you want to download to your smartphone, and when your smartphone is within range of your Wi-Fi network or when you connect your smartphone to your computer with a USB cable, the music is downloaded to your smartphone. You can also create and change playlists and synchronize these playlists from your smartphone to your computer.

Music from your computer is integrated in the Music application on your smartphone. These songs appear dimmed if they haven't yet been downloaded to your smartphone. Within the Music application on your smartphone, your Wi-Fi Music Sync list displays the status of your music, such as pending or downloaded, as well as the status of your connection with the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Your smartphone can only be connected with one computer at a time when using Wi-Fi music sync.

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