Synchronize your music from your computer to your smartphone or tablet

The number of iTunes songs and playlists that you can synchronize depends on the amount of storage space on your media card or built-in media storage that is available for storing music files.
Before you begin: To perform this task, on your BlackBerry smartphone, mass storage mode must be turned on.
  1. Connect your smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your computer.
  2. On your computer, in the Applications folder, click the BlackBerry Desktop Software icon.
  3. In the Media section in the left pane, click Music.
  4. Select the Sync music checkbox.
  5. Do any of the following:
    • To synchronize your entire music collection, select the Sync all music checkbox.
    • To synchronize videos from iTunes, select the Include videos checkbox.
    • To synchronize specific playlists or synchronize music by artist or genre, select the checkbox beside one or more playlists, artists, or genres.
    • To synchronize a random selection of your remaining iTunes songs that aren't in a playlist, select the Fill with random music checkbox. These songs appear in the Random Music playlist in the Music application on your smartphone or tablet.
  6. Click Sync.

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