Status indicators for certificates, PGPkeys, and certification authority profiles

Status indicators for certificates and PGP keys



Image of the private key indicator.

The certificate or PGP key has a corresponding private key that is stored on your BlackBerry smartphone or a smart card.

Image of the trusted certificate chain indicator.

The certificate chain or PGP key is trusted and valid, and the revocation status is good.

Image of the unknown certificate chain indicator.

The revocation status is unknown, or a public key is weak.

Image of the untrusted certificate chain indicator.

The certificate, a certificate in the certificate chain, or the PGP key is untrusted, revoked, expired, not valid, or can't be verified.

Status indicators for certification authority profiles



Image of valid certificate indicator.

A valid certificate is associated with the certificate authority profile.

Image of new certificate retrival indicator.

A new certificate is being retrieved because the current certificate is scheduled to expire soon.

Image of enrollment request pending indicator.

The enrollment request is pending approval from the certificate authority.

Image of pending enrollment indicator.

Enrollment with the certificate authority profile is pending because an action from the user is required to continue, or because enrollment is scheduled to occur later.

Image of enrollment required indicator.

Enrollment with the certificate authority profile is required and will occur automatically.

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